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Together with parents, the municipality and other partners Børnehuset Skovshoved is at the forefront of developing the competent citizens of the future.

Børnehuset Skovshoved is situated at two different departments, Nordlyset and Lanternen, and we are an municipal day-care facility under the municipality of Gentofte.

Structure The kindergarten accommodates 156 children aged from 0 to 6 years. The children are differentiated into age-divided groups. The weekly staff hours total 663 hours for pre-school teachers and 300 hours for child-care workers.

Our opening hours in Nordlyset are: Monday to Thursday 6h30-17h00 and Friday from 7h00 to 16h00. The opening hours in Lanternen are: Monday to Friday 7h15 to 17h00.

The fee is DKK 3.111,00 per month for a child aged 0-3, and DKK 2.484,00 for a child aged 3-6 . The kindergarten is an municipal day-care facility and has a board composed of elected parents.

At Børnehuset Skovshoved we have experience and success with accommodating children from e.g. UK, USA, China and Nepal who do not speak Danish (only very few people in the world do!). It takes time to learn a new culture and a new language – these children often speak three languages but this is not an obstacle to making friends!

If you have any questions regarding the daily life at Børnehuset Skovshoved, please do not hesitate to contact us at +45 39 64 43 25. You are also welcome to make an appointment for a visit.

You can follow the link abowe to get more information on the day-care offer in general. At the bottom of the link you will find “The parent’s guide in English”. You need to use the IT-solution to register your child into a day-care facility in Gentofte, and you have to live in the municipality of Gentofte